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When you are looking for a travel, money pouch, there are several factors that you should consider. Is it secure? The belt and lanyard style pouches have been around for a very long time. Thieves know exactly where they are located. It has been reported that on several occasions, thieves have cut through the belt or lanyard and removed the pouch without the victim even knowing that it happened. The Conceal Wear belt less travel, money pouch can be attached to a variety of locations, the options are endless. Thieves can't possibly guess where you located your valuables. Is it comfortable? The Conceal Wear travel pouch is more comfortable to wear because of its belt less design. No hot belt and no uncomfortable lanyard around your neck. Is it versatile? The Conceal Wear pouch can carry your credit cards, passport, cash and identification.
​A money belt can only carry money. Not very versatile.

Try the Conceal Wear line of travel pouches to protect your valuables.

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The Belt-Less Travel Pouches, Money Pouch - For Travel Safety - Travel with Confidence!